The Store sells seeds, trees, animals, buildings, tools, and decorations for your farm. To get to it, click on the Store icon in your toolbar. You can purchase items using either Coins or FarmCash.

The Store Tabs Edit

Items in the store are grouped together and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate Item Tab.


The number of Item Tabs keeps growing as new items and features are added. The current grouping is as follows:

  • Seeds - where you buy seeds to plant on your farm
  • Trees - where you buy trees
  • Flowers - where you buy flowers
  • Animals - where you buy animals
  • Decorations - where you buy decorations that are not functional
  • Buildings - where you buy buildings that are not functional
  • Fences - where you buy fencing and hedges
  • Paths - where you buy paths
  • Ponds - where you buy rivers and lakes
  • Topiary - where you buy topiaries
  • Tools - where you buy seeders, tractors, plowers, harvesters, and Semi-Trailer Trucks
  • Facilities - buildings that produce goods
  • Flags - where you buy flags representing different countries
  • Containers - where you buy containers
  • Seasonal - where you buy season or holiday related items