After crops are harvested, they are placed into Storage. They can then be sold at the Marketplace or used at Facilities. On October 30, 2009, Storage was modified, so farmers could also put items from their farm into it. This also enables them to transfer items from one farm to another. To add items to Storage, click on the item and select "Add to Storage" from the menu. To access the items in Storage, click on the "Storage" icon in the Toolbar. The number of items in Storage will be displayed in the red circle. When there are over 99 items, the number is replaced by "+".



Harvests & Products vs. Items Edit

  • "Harvests & Products" tab - All of your harvested crops and Products from Facilities are put here
    • If you chose to "Harvest & Sell" then your harvests will not be put into Storage
    • To collect Products from the Facilities , you must click on the "Store" button
    • To use Ingredients at the Facilities, they must first be stored here
    • If you leave your farm while Harvest jobs are pending, then they might not immediately appear in your Storage
      • For example, if you go to the Marketplace while harvests are queued, only the plots that were harvested prior to you to leaving will show up. Do not despair, as soon as you go somewhere else, the remaining harvests will appear in your Storage.
  • "Items" tab - All of your other farm items are put here
    • Put items here to transfer between farms
    • Put items here you no longer want on your farm but do not wish to Sell

Types of Items Edit

  • Animals cannot be added to Storage
  • Trees and Flowers are reset to 0% growth after they are removed from Storage
  • All production is lost when Facilities are added to Storage
  • Tools can be placed into Storage, so don't need to buy for each farm

Capacity (Items only) Edit

  • There is no capacity limit set for "Harvests and Products"
    • When it gets too full, you may need to sell things at the Marketplace for new harvests to show up
  • There is a capacity limit for Items that you store
    • On October 30, 2009, when farmers were first able to put items in Storage, the capacity was originally 3 + [2 x (# of Neighbours)].
      • If have 15 Neighbours, then 3 + 30 = 33
      • Farmers used to be able to purchase more Storage using FarmCash, but they can currently no longer do so
    • On February 20, 2010, the capacity was increased to 5 + [5 x (# of Neighbours)].

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