Semi-Trailer Truck
Licencing (c)
Level Required NA
Cost 22 FarmCash
XP Gained 661
Sell For  ? Coins
Category Tools
Function Transports Products
Related Pages
Products, Ingredients

The Semi-Trailer Truck is available for purchase from the Store under the Tools tab. It transports products needed at the Facilities to your farm for a fee. Each transport also requires fuel. When first introduced April 20, 2010, you could order Pepperoni and Ham. It was soon updated to also transport Hotdog Sausage. On May 21, 2010, it was further updated to also transport Meat and Chicken. See Ingredients and Products for complete lists of everything used and produced by all the Facilities and Tools.

Transports Edit

The Semi-Trailer Truck currently transports Pepperoni, Ham, Meat, and Chicken for a fee. It requires 5 units of fuel per an order. After each batch is done, you can click on the "Store" button under "What's In Transit" tab to add it to your Storage.


Cost to Produce


Fuel for Transport (Units) Units/Batch Time Coins/Unit Coins/Batch Experience Gained
Pepperoni 350 5 5 1 hrs 100 500
Ham 500 5 5 1 hrs 140 700
Hotdog Sausage 150 5 5 1 hrs 40 200
Meat 550 5 5 1 hrs 150 750
Chicken 400 5 5 1 hrs 110 550

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