Overworking FacilityEdit

First you need to install Charles web debugging proxy you can download a free trial here . After you finish installing Charles web debugging proxy continue with the steps below.

  • 01 GhostTwo Accepting Job
    Hire an alternate Farm Town account to work at your facility. In my case I have GhostOne hiring GhostTwo.

  • Start Charles
    02 Start Recording
    web debugging proxy listening to farm town traffic.

  • Have the second account wo
    01 GhostTwo Accepting Job
    rk the facility.

  • Look at Charles web d
    03 Look at Captured Boost
    ebugging proxy and note the request captured.

  • 04 Refill Production Queue
    Back at your primary account, refill the production queue.

  • 05 Look at Captured Refill
    Look at Charles web debugging proxy and note the request captured.

  • 06 Select Both Reqests
    In Charles web proxy select both requests (hold down control while you click).

  • 07 Select Advanced Repeat
    Right-click one of them and click “Repeat Advanced...”.

  • 08 Enter Loop Count
    In the dialog box enter the number of time you wish to work your facility and click “OK”.

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