Here are some of the basics to creating Optical Illusions, one of the types of Farm Art. For more elaborate examples, check out some of the other Optical Illusions pages:

Make Elevations Edit

Elevations are a simple way to make it seem as if your farm has hills or steps. To make elevations, you will need to use Fences or Crates.


Stone Fence Elevation

  1. Take a Stone Fence and place it on a patch of grass.
  2. Take another Stone Fence (same orientation) and place it below the first one, so the top edge of the second one lines up with the bottom edge of the first one.
  3. Repeat as much as necessary.

Stack Objects Edit

You can make it seem as if one object is on top of another. In this example, you will need a Wheelbarrow, Dirt Path Crossing, and Flowers. This can be a little tricky, so may take a couple of tries to work out the kinks.


Stacking Flowers

  1. Place the Dirt Path Crossing on a patch of grass.
  2. Place the Flower on top of the Dirt Path Crossing.
  3. Go to Preferences (Wrench icon in Top Right) and uncheck "Show Flowers". When this is done, there will be a red footprint of where the flower was.
  4. Leave your farm and then come back. The red footprint should be gone.
  5. Pick up the Dirt Path Crossing and put it back down in the exact same spot. This resets it. You can simply place another Dirt Path Crossing on top of it if this is easier.
  6. Place the Wheelbarrow on top of the Dirt Path Crossing.
  7. Remove the Dirt Path Crossing.
  8. Go to Preferences and check "Show Flowers".
  9. The Flower should now appear on top of the Wheelbarrow.

Tips Edit

Slideshow Edit

Here is a slideshow of farms using Elevations or Stacking Objects. Please add photos of your farm!! (Put the files in the Category:Farm Art.)

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