Mulberry Tree
Mulberry Tree
Licensing (c)
Level Required 1
Cost Gift Only
XP Gained 0
Sell Tree For 42 Coins
Sell Harvest For 59 Coins
Grow Time 2 Days
Category Trees
Produces Silk Worms
Facility Harvest Used At
Textile Mill

On June 7, 2010, the Mulberry Tree was introduced. Currently, Mulberry Trees are only available as Gifts and cannot be purchased from the Store under the Trees tab. Mulberry Trees take 2 Days to reach 100% growth and yield Silk Worms when they are harvested. Silk Worms are an Ingredient used at the Textile Mill to make Silk Textile Rolls. See Ingredients and Products for complete lists of everything used and produced by all the Facilities and Tools.

Harvesting Edit

Once they reach 100% growth, they can be harvested. Unlike Seed Crops, Mulberry Trees never go to waste.

Definitions of Table Column Headings:

  • "Self-Harvest - Sell" - Self-Harvest and sell directly from your Farm
    • The farmer makes 10% less than the "Sell" price listed in the Store
  • "Self-Harvest - Store" - Self-Harvest and add to your Storage to be sold later
    • The farmer makes the "Sell" price listed in the Store
  • "Hired Hand Harvest - Store" - Hire someone to harvest and add to your Storage to be sold later
    • The farmer makes 20% more than the "Sell" price listed in the Store
    • The Hired Hand makes 25% of the product value and gets 10% of the products, courtesy of the Mayor

Self-Harvest - Sell Self-Harvest - Store Hired Hand Harvest - Store Harvest
Sell For Sell For Sell For

Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Tree

53 59 71

Silk Worms

Silk Worms

As an Ingredient Edit

Mulberry Trees yield Silk Worms when they are harvested. Harvests in your Storage can be used to at the Facilities to make different Products. The Table lists all the Facilities Silk Worms are used at and which products they are used to make.

Ingredient Facility Product # Needed Batch Value XP Time

Silk Worms Silk Worms

Textile Mill Silk Textile Roll 5 x 2,400 +1 4 hrs

Phases of Growth Edit

Mulberry Trees have 2 stages of growth: 0-99% and 100%. After reaching 100% growth, it will remain as such until harvested.

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