Fish Farming Plant
Licensing (c)
Level Required NA
Cost Farm Cash 28
XP Gained 840
Sell For 840 Coins
Category Facilities
Function Produces Shrimp and Mulloscs
Related Pages
Products, Ingredients

The Fish Farming Plant is available for purchase from the Store under the Facilities tab. It was first introduced June 18, 2010 and produces Mussel Containers, Scallop Containers, Shrimp Containers, and Oyster Containers. They can be used as ingredients at the Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Restaurant.

Production Edit

There are currently several different types of fish containers produced by the Fish Farming Plant. Experience is gained for every batch sent into production. Products can be produced faster with the aid of friends. Each friend that helps will complete 20% of all pending productions. Friends will be compensated with goods and you both will receive +3 XP for every product type they help with. Each friend can only help once a day. After each batch is done, you can click on the "Store" button under the "What's Pending" tab to add it to your Storage. Once in your Storage, it may be used as an Ingredient at another Faciility or sold at the Marketplace.

Ingredients Edit

Product Cost To Produce Units/Batch Time Coins/Unit Coins/Batch Experience Gained
Mussel Container MusselContainer40086 hrs2001,600
Scallop Container ScallopContainer45086 hrs2502,000
Shrimp Container ShrimpContainer50086 hrs3002,400
Oyster Container OysterContainer55086 hrs3502,800

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