Fences can be purchased from the Store under the Fences tab.

Name Level Cost Experience Gained
FenceFarm Coin 2506
Fence Closed GateFarm Coin 75011
Fence Open GateFarm Coin 75011
Yellow Picket FenceNAFarm Cash 133
Yellow Picket Fence (Crisscross)NAFarm Cash 133
Brown Picket FenceFarm Coin 2506
Barb Wire FenceFarm Coin 2506
Barb Wire Fence Closed Gate14Farm Coin 75011
Barb Wire Fence Open Gate14Farm Coin 75011
Hedge20Farm Coin 3006
Hedge Closed Gate20Farm Coin 90012
Hedge Open Gate20Farm Coin 90012
Brown Fence22Farm Coin 2005
Brown Fence Open Gate22Farm Coin 6009
Brown Fence Closed Gate22Farm Coin 6009
Stone Fence24Farm Coin 4007
Stone Fence Gate Closed24Farm Coin 1,20015
Stone Fence Gate Open24Farm Coin 1,20015
Rounded Fence33Farm Coin 3006
Rounded Fence Open Gate33Farm Coin 90012
Rounded Fence Closed Gate33Farm Coin 90012
White Picket Fence39Farm Coin 4007
Chain Link Fence44Farm Coin 5008

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