List of all the Containers available for purchase from the Store under the Containers tab.

Name Level Cost Experience Gained
BarrelFarm Coin 1005
Crate (Brown)Farm Coin 1005
CrateFarm Coin 1005
Pink CrateFarm Coin 1005
White CrateFarm Coin 1005
Black CrateFarm Coin 1005
Orange CrateFarm Coin 1005
Red CrateFarm Coin 1005
Blue CrateFarm Coin 1005
Yellow CrateFarm Coin 1005
Green CrateFarm Coin 1005
Green BinFarm Coin 2506
Blue BinFarm Coin 2506
Red BinFarm Coin 2506
Pink BinFarm Coin 2506
Stacked Crates10Farm Coin 3006
Container11Farm Coin 1,00013
Brown Sack20Farm Coin 505
Two Stacked Brown Sacks20Farm Coin 605
Three Stacked Brown Sacks20Farm Coin 705
Four Stacked Brown Sacks20Farm Coin 805
White Sack31Farm Coin 1005
Two Stacked White Sacks31Farm Coin 1105
Three Stacked White Sacks31Farm Coin 1205
Four Stacked White Sacks31Farm Coin 1305

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